The Transfiguration

Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time
Luke 9,28-36

This reflection was written before the present suffering of the people of Ukraine and neighbouring countries. A terrible man made crisis with military, economic, psychological and spiritual consequence. The Christian world will also suffer as a result and we offer our prayers and heartfelt concern for our fellow Christians and the Ukrainian people who will suffer as a consequence of human wickedness.

​* * *

Another Lent begins and the two year pandemic is still with us contributing everywhere high levels of anxiety. This is happening in societies that have dethroned God giving mankind sovereignty instead. The weeks of Lent are a time for thinking about this predicament, reflecting on the suffering, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus the Christ. How can we understand these crucial issues of life, the false and the true, the suffering and the dying, questions driving anxiety to skyrocketing levels? Read more …