Meditations on the Images and Marks of the Church – Parts 1-5

Fathers Geoffrey Neal and Edward Bryant have launched a series of web meditations on the images and marks of the Church that have underpinned an orthodox vision, with the following main themes:

  1. The Church, the Creation and Gift of Christ
  2. The Church as Bride and Mother Church
  3. The Church Catholic
  4. The Church as One and Holy
  5. The Church Evangelical and Apostolic

The first three meditations have been published and can be accessed via the links below; the others will follow in the months to come, announced by updates to this document.

1 thought on “Meditations on the Images and Marks of the Church – Parts 1-5

  1. Tilbakeping: The Church is One and Holy – The Oratory of the Way and the Mind of the Spirit

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